We offer the following payment methods to our customers:

  • Cash
  • Mobile Money (MoMo) payments
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal


Your bank may STILL WITHHOLD THOSE FUNDS for a few days if your card or order attempt was refused. To learn about the procedures for relieving the temporary hold that your bank has placed on your funds, you must contact your bank.

We can ship worldwide. Due to the handcrafted and spiritual nature of our items, please allow 5 to 25 business days to prepare your items and ship your order. Domestic delivery periods are usually shorter. International shipping may take 1–6 weeks to prepare and ship your order to your address. To ensure quality and security, we prefer priority shipments with signature confirmation in most cases. Our packaging and shipping labels are discreet and generic to ensure your privacy. To ensure quality and security, we prefer priority shipments with signature confirmation in most cases. Our packaging and shipping labels are discreet and generic to ensure your privacy

• According to the new terms of service policy, ALL PayPal and credit card transaction fees are non-refundable as of September 2019.
• We reserve the right to cancel any order from unconfirmed accounts or accounts that have been flagged as suspicious by the credit card gateway.
• We accept cancellations on products, if you notify us within one (1) day (24 hours) of placing your order. All other services are non-refundable,
• You will receive the amount remitted, less the processing fee.
• Due to the nature of our handcrafted, organic, perishable, and ritualised products, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any product.
• This is possible when a shipping address is invalid or you made an address error when placing the order. Please make sure you leave a valid address or respond to the delivery notifications left on your door by the Local Post Office.
• Please choose your products carefully, as they cannot be exchanged, returned, or revised in any way.
• We will not accept any returned shipments if you changed your mind, decided in a few weeks you don’t want the handcrafted item(s), decided you don’t want to use the item(s), or any other reason. In this case, we will advise you on how to destroy an item at the time you place your order.
• Although it is extremely rare, in the event the wrong product was shipped to you in error, please notify us within 72 hours of receipt.
• We will refund any shipping costs you incurred using the payment method you used to place your order.
• We will priority ship immediately, at our expense, the correct items in your order.
• To notify us of the error, you must contact us via email with your product information and relevant details, and we will priority ship your correct product ASAP.

"It is existence which has the true reality. Be it a looking glass, or an object, the real nature of an object is always in itself."

• Regarding consultations with the priest, there will be no refunds of any kind should you fail to show during your scheduled time.
• Rescheduling is possible with early enough notification, not less than 24 hours before the meeting time. Please contact us via email so we can reschedule your session.
• If you do not show up for a meeting, our practitioners are still paid for the time they set aside for your scheduled appointment.
• If you are late for your session, we unfortunately cannot always extend the time, so as to not inconvenience the clients scheduled after you.
• Consultation meetings with the priest can be held via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, or a regular phone call (we do not make regular calls to overseas or international numbers).
• The average meeting should last one hour.

In this world we leave in, everything is possible. All you need to do is provide the information and items the priest might require.

Yes! They really do! This is part of our tropical religion, inherited from our ancestors many years ago. To summarize, we believe in one supreme creator, God, who created and guided our forefathers since the beginning of time. You have the opportunity to experience the power of the great God, who knows all and is willing to intercede in our matters whenever we call.


Consultation Fee (Excluding Transaction charges)
20,000 CFA
MoMo Payment No

MTN: +237693843278 | Orange: +237693843278

John Tend


Consultation Fee (Excluding Transaction charges)
100 USD
For International Payment